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As a child growing up I read the stories of Aladdin, Magic Carpets, Majestic Palaces, Genies in Lamps and Sages with infinite wisdom. Films of the desert and princes in lavish tents travelling across the burning sands so timeless. All these wonderful stories created a huge desire of one day having the privilege of experiencing this magnificent dream.

As an adult my dream has come true Sultan M Hareb Al Falahi was my genie who granted my wish of a Kings blessing on a project of great importance to the planet. 550 000 ha of land in the vast Arabian desert will be forested over the next few years creating 100000 employment opportunities with housing, and agriculture.

Building an oasis producing olives and dates farming with sheep goats and ostriches and growing food. Providing housing and infrastructure with schools and clinics and by doing this we will have done what Mohammed the Messenger of God decreed to treat all people as equal, live with dignity and teach people to read and write.

King Abdullah appointed the Late Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud to oversee the projects but Allah in his infinite wisdom decided this was not to be and will be sorely missed but Prince Bandar his son will now take over this duty as his per his father's wish.

Arabia the land of mystique and wealth how did it come about. What do we know about its people history and culture. I would love to invite you on a journey across time to the beginning of man.

The founding father of the Arabian nation was Ishmael the son of Abraham who was born from the slave girl Hagar who was eventually banished from their home and settled in the East the land know as Arabia. From Ishmael sprang the 12 tribes of the people of this magnificent harsh land.

Abraham had two brothers and the one called Haran had a son named Lot who had two daughters and they married into the tribes called the Ammonites and Moabites and from the Ammonites was born a king of Babylon called Hammurabi and he brought changes to the region with his Code and decrees on medical issues.

Arabia was a trading route that connected Asia to Europe .

With the advent of the Crusades resulting in this terrible conflict where east and west met via this trading route through Arabia.

This conflict produces a great General called Saladin and hero of the region who by his benevolence showed his soldiers how to treat the defeated with dignity and mercy.

The Templars decided to settle in Arabia.



Muslims timeline

A timeline of the ancient middle east


Marilyn Luongo ode to King Abdullah and the Late Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

for all they have made possible to achieve her dreams.


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